10 Questions with MarcoStyle NL

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10 Questions with MarcoStyle NL

Post by Knut on Thu Feb 05, 2015 9:24 pm

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Interview with the well known community contributer MarcoStyleNL.

Check out his Youtube channel:

MarcoStyleNL: Hey, I am a 20 year old college student from The Netherlands and I make videos on Youtube about the upcoming game ‘Tom Clancy’s The Division’.

1. How did you get the interest for The Division?

The graphics are what initially caught my attention; I just saw the game as the ‘next-gen GTA V’. But when looking further into it, I realized there was a lot more to this game than just the gunplay, and I really wanted to know more and more about it.

2. What's so special about The Division, who made you start creating videos?

When I tried looking up more info on the internet I realized there are very few people actually talking about this game on Youtube, so I couldn’t really discuss it with other people who might also be considered ‘Hardcore fans’. That is where I started with The Division videos on Youtube.
The first few videos were actually me just talking about the game without doing much research to start a discussion, but as I grew bigger I realized I now had the responsibility to bring valuable info and content to the table and I tried improving my editing. Even to this day, I prefer Talking about the game in all ways possible, which I do in my ‘Game Talk’ series, but on request of my subscribers, I also added the ‘News Flash’ series for the quick new facts only.

3. If you could implement a thing that could change some of the gameplay, what would it be?

I really cannot answer this question yet, we do not know how the game will play out, so saying that stuff needs to be different would always really just stay a wild guess. To be honest, I really like the approach this game has and if I were to add anything, it would a be competitive section with a leaderboards to keep the best players battling against eachother.

4. What's your favorite gun that you want to be featured in the game?

I am not a gun expert at all, for me.. if it kills, it does the job, whatever gun is most efficient, is my gun. I am more interested in the skills that you can customize, that will bring quite some strategy to the table.

5. Do you think the developers will face a problem with weapon/skills balancing(considering PVP)?

Yes, I am sure that some skills/weapons/items will be better than others and there for you in battles vs equally skilled players by just having the better loadout/gear. But that is also the point of this game, why else would you want to collect better loot?

6. What are your thoughts about "Dark Zones" in general?

I think it is a really cool idea, basically, they implemented the multiplayer into the campaign and made sure it made sense to the story. Not only that, but the multiplayer maps ‘Dark Zones’ also have actual locations on the whole map which I have never ever seen before in any other game.

7. The snowdrop engine looks fantastic. What is your favorite part about it?

The weather change and how it affects the ground. I think that is super revolutionary that the whole world looks different when it is raining or snowing.

8. The DMR will probably have Long Range Scope as a choice. Do you think that's the only scope you can see through the scope(crosshairs) like in FPS shooters?

I really don’t know what to expect from the long ranged weapons. I believe weapons will never really be used at insane ranges like 500m and above and when I asked about this at Gamescom last year, the developers said that ‘’that part was not decided yet.’’

9. What's your thought about a beta? Do you think it will be closed/invite only or open?

The beta is and has always been just a vague rumor, and now that I hear that test players are already playing the game, I think The Division will be limited to closed testing only, not available for us.

10. When you loot, do you think there will be ex. Worn weapon, damaged weapons etc...

No, I think this game isn’t as punishing as many people believe it to be and it should not be compared to a survival game with, ’hunger and thirst’ and all those thing you find in such survival games.

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